• Used Car Articles

    • Used Ford Focus


      The Ford Focus is a compact car that delivers impressive modern convenience, passenger comfort, and a sporty ride. Whether you decide on a sedan or hatchback model, you can always expect a reasonable price tag. From behind the wheel, you'll enjoy sharp, responsive handling. The Focus also provides plenty of modern style, both inside and out. Inside, passengers enjoy spacious seating and plenty of support. Come in and test drive a Ford Focus today!

    • Used Ford Fusion


      The Ford Fusion is a standout mid-size sedan that provides plenty of passenger comfort, modern gadgets, and on-road power. Since its not-so-humble beginnings, the Fusion has been a best-in-class model. On the road, its athletic prowess makes it fun to drive. The Fusion's impressive build puts it among the safest vehicles on the road. The cabin and trunk deliver an upscale experience with lots of family-friendly space. Come in and test drive the Fusion today!

  • Used Suv Articles

    • Used Ford Escape


      The Ford Escape is a popular small crossover that delivers impressive performance, spacious seating, and modern gadgets. It also combines SUV-like utility with contemporary practicality - think fuel economy. Travel over both city grids and country back-roads with complete ease. The Escape is also extremely capable, making it easy to tow your favorite toys to the beach. High-tech convenience features keep you endlessly informed, entertained, and connected. Come in and test drive the Escape!

    • Used Ford Explorer


      The Ford Explorer is a traditional full-size SUV that supplies a roomy cabin, modern convenience features, and impressive power. This iconic model was the first SUV to hit the mainstream in a major way. Today, it remains a standout in its class. Inside, passengers enjoy plush, spacious seating. Under the hood, its dependable engine options give you the necessary power to get you wherever you need to go. Come in and test drive a used Explorer today!

  • Used Truck Articles

    • Used Ford F-150


      The Ford F-150 is a full-size pickup truck designed to provide substantial towing and hauling capabilities, passenger comfort, and modern convenience features. Today's F-150 offers amenities that are downright luxurious, especially compared to the workhorse pickup trucks of yesteryear. Shoppers can choose from quite a bit of options - from trim models to cabin size to engine power. Come in and test drive the F-150 today!

    • Used Ford F-250


      The Ford F-250 is a heavy-duty pickup truck designed to transport massive cargo loads. In addition to power, it also supplies a comfortable, modern cabin stocked with high-tech convenience features. Contemporary safety equipment enhances passenger protection and driver peace of mind. Choose from an impressive variety of configurations for the model that best suits your needs. Come in and test drive a Ford truck today!